ADR training leading to ADR driver qualification

Course Overview

If you are driving a vehicle carrying dangerous goods then you must, by law, hold an ADR qualification which is the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

PDTM are approved by Transport Malta to deliver ADR training leading to ADR driver qualification. The ADR training is typically broken up into modules and your choices will depend on the type of job you do or want to do and what hazardous materials you will be transporting.

The Annexes to the ADR regulate a wide range of aspects related to the carriage of dangerous goods, including the following:

  • Type of dangerous goods that may or may not be transported;
  • Classification of dangerous goods in classes;
  • Requirements for vehicles used to transport dangerous goods;
  • Volumes of dangerous goods that may be carried;
  • Requirements for containers and packaging used to carry dangerous goods;
  • Requirements for drivers and crews involved in the carriage of dangerous goods;
  • Requirements for professional advisors involved in the carriage of dangerous goods;
  • Obligations and procedures to follow for consignors, consignees, transporters, inspectors and other roles.

Drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous goods must hold a valid ADR Driver Training Qualification. The Initial Basic Course prepares participants for the assessment test for transporting dangerous goods in packages, drums and IBCs.

Those requiring an ADR certificate for Road Tankers must attend an Initial Tanker Specialisation Course.

The ADR Driver Training Certificate is valid for 5 years. A driver must refresh his/her ADR Driving Training Certificate before it expires by attending a Refresher Training Course and sitting another assessment test.

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