PDTM offers customer care training to prospective Chauffeur drivers

Customer Care for Light Passenger Transport Vehicle Drivers

Course Overview

Chauffeur drivers like any other professional drivers need to maintain high standards, vocational training helps provide high quality service to their passengers.

PDTM provides the best training to prospective Chauffeur drivers . The course prepares the driver for his daily duties mostly:

  • Effective communication,
  • Personal presentation, physical appearance, body language, attitudes and behaviour
  • Vehicle cleanliness
  • Preparing the Vehicle for its daily duties,
  • Following sound procedures in the advent of emergencies
  • Driver well being,
  • Social interaction
  • Dealing with dangerous situations
  • Applying basic defensive techniques
  • Effect of alcohol on the driver

After attending for the Customer Care for the LPTV Course the students will then sit for a multiple choice exam on behalf of Transport Malta . If they obtain a pass mark and they fulfill the Tranport Malta requirements these are entitled for the Chauffeur Driver ‘s Tag, enabling them to work as a Chauffeur drivers for a vehicle carrying up to 8+1 passengers.

Our courses are designed to guarantee the highest level of quality and accuracy required by this sector. We continually update our training courses so as to reflect the latest technical developments in this sector.

Our courses are available in English or Maltese depending on the students preferences.

Interested to Book this Course?

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