Driver CPC is a course for Professional Drivers who drive Large Goods Vehicles & Passenger Carrying Vehicles

Periodic and Initial CPC

Course Overview

CPC stands for Certificate of Professional Competence.

We at PDTM give our best to deliver the CPC Course with utmost enthusiasm, making the course a unique experience for the driver.

The course is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of professional drivers.

Driver CPC is a course for Professional Drivers who drive vans or trucks (Large Goods Vehicles) and minibuses, buses or coaches (Passenger Carrying Vehicles). In simple terms, professional drivers driving a vehicle carrying goods above 3.5 tonnes and a passenger vehicle above 8 passengers requires a CPC qualification.

After obtaining the CPC qualification the driver will have the code 95 stamped on his/her Driving licence. (this is carried out by Transport Malta.) Professional Drivers are obliged to carry their licence and have proof of their CPC qualification.

What Qualifications do you require for Periodic or Initial Qualification?

Bus and coach (PCV) drivers who hold a relevant vocational licence (D, D1, D+E and D1+E) gained before 10th September 2008, and truck (LGV) drivers who obtained their licence (C, C1, C+E and C1+E) before 10th September 2009, need to carry out the periodic training, while others who obtained their licence after those dates require the Initial CPC course.

Initial CPC Course

In order to obtain your category C or D licence the driver needs to sit for the theory and practical exams with Transport Malta. Theory exam question banks can be downloaded from the links below:

Once that the licence has been obtained the driver needs to carry out the initial CPC course. The Initial CPC is a 63 hour course, after doing the Initial CPC course the Drivers need to obtain their qualification by Transport Malta. This will be obtained after sitting for the following tests:

  • CPC Multiple Choice
  • CPC Case Study
  • Static Practical demonstration (Also called Show Me and Tell)

Apart from the course, we at PDTM will prepare the students for exams by providing notes, lectures and examination tutorials, these are provided in both the Maltese and English language according to the students preference. Upon successful completion of these exams, the driver will obtain the code 95 stamped on his licence. Our pride reaches its full achievement when students contact us back informing us that they successfully passed the test and obtained their CPC qualification.

Periodic CPC Course

The periodic CPC is a 35-hour course, and this is renewed every five years. The qualification for the Drivers doing the periodic course is more straight forward as upon presentation to Transport Malta of the PDTM certificate of attendance. The drivers will have the code 95, stamped on their licence.

We deliver driver CPC both in Malta and Gozo. We can also deliver in-house CPC courses for larger groups.

Interested to Book this Course?

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